On 27th June 1911, the Sociedad Central de Fomento de las Razas Caninas en España was founded in Madrid, currently called Real Sociedad Canina de España (RSCE). That same year, it was granted the title of Real by H. M. The King Alfonso XIII and was authorized to put the Crown in its emblem. From the beginning, the RSCE has had a special relationship and link with the Spanish Royal Family, great dog enthusiasts, who have many times attended the events held in Madrid, not only as visitors but also participating with dogs owned or bred by them.


The RSCE is one of the oldest National Canine Organizations in the world and its prestige and tradition is internationally well appreciated. The Real Sociedad Canina de España is member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) from 1912.

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The main aim of the RSCE, for more than 100 years, is the conservation, encourage and improvement of the dog breeds in Spain, putting especial interest in everything related to the Spanish autochthonous breeds. For all that, it counts on a long experience and a extraordinary human team and collaborators, apart from a great diversity of means and resources.

Every year, the RSCE coordinates and supervises hundreds of events in Spain, about all the dog sport disciplines (Morphology, Utility, Hunting, Tracking, Obedience, Agility, etc.), apart from organizing, in a direct way, the most important events and the finals of these disciplines on their different Championships and National Cups. It is usually in the month of May, that the oldest, most traditional and important Dog Show of all those celebrated in Spain takes place: the International Spring Dog Show, with a participation of over 4.500 dogs, many of them coming from everywhere in Europe and even Amercia and Asia.The Real Sociedad Canina de España has a corroborated experience in international high-leveled events, having organized two World Dog Shows and one European Dog Show.


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