The Real Sociedad Canina de España-Madrid WDS2020 organization, welcomes any professional journalist, representing a bona fide media organization recognized in their own country or being member of a professional association, like World Dog Press Association (WDPA).

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Who’s eligible for media accreditation?




Media accreditation is strictly reserved for professional members of the Press who represent a bona fide media organization or are members of an officially recognized professional association, like WDPA.

 Applicants must prove they are professionals with a proven track record of reporting for media.


What must I do to become accredited for Madrid WDS2020?

You must apply through the ONLINE MEDIA ACCREDITATION SYSTEM. Accreditation online is the only official channel to obtain the full registration for the media, consisting of Fair access pass, Press Centre forfeit and Main Ring access card.
Any other method (email, letter, fax or presencial accreditation at the show) should need to be approved by the Press Office during the days of the WDS.

To accredit online, what information do I need before?

In order to process you’ll need the following information. All information must be entered as it appears in your passport or other official document that should be shown at the Registration Desk:

Full name
- Date of birth
- Nationality
- Passport, ID card or Driver License (Only the number is needed)
  Professional card, WDPA Card or any other bona fide media card
- Email address
- Mobile phone number (to be included in the WhatsApp WDS2020 Press Info group)


What we do with this information?

All the information entered during the accreditation process is only for purposes of identification and verification and to keep you updated with any relevant information about Madrid WDS2020. None will be published anywhere.
On August 1st., 2020 all this information will be deleted and removed from our system.

How can I get accredited?

Please, go to the ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM and follow the instructions to request for your accreditation.
Once you submit the information you will receive a first email confirming the reception of the form.
Later you’ll receive another email with the approval or denial of your request.
If it’s approved you’ll receive more relevant info useful for you before, during and after the WDS.

¿Qué necesito enviar o incluir en mi solicitud?

What I need to send/include with my request?
Once you fill all the form fields you must upload a letter of assignment and your Press Card into a graphic format (.jpg, .gif, .pdf) with a limit of 4MB per file.

Letter of assignment, on official letterhead of a media organization, signed by the Publisher or Editor.

Press card must be valid (not expired). Self-made cards will not be accepted.

In the absence of a valid Press Card or whenever the Organization considers it, you may be asked to submit additional materials.

What could be considered as “additional materials”?
2 printed articles published within the past 8 months and a copy of the publication, on PDF format and unaltered, or
3 photos with credits and links to the online publication, taken at 2 different dog shows within the past 8 months, or
2 recordings of reports broadcast within the past 8 months for TV/Radio media.

For Online Media (websites, blogs, portals…), these additional materials could be:

Official data of domain ownership
Blogs and websites must be relevan and actives, being updated at least once a month during the last 6 months
2 online articles
2 online photos


Note: Outlets, shops or Social Media profiles or groups should not be accredited.


How can I check the status of my accreditation?

If you don’t receive confirmation of your accreditation in 2 weeks after submitting all information, please, send an email asking to
Phone calls or any other kind of messages will not be attended.


I’m under 18 years of age: can I get accreditation?

No. Accredited Press must be other than 18 to apply.


Will we help to get a Visa?

RSCE-WDS2020 Press Office is not in a position to issue invitation letters for Visa purposes.



The RSCE-Madrid WDS2020 Organization reserves the right to deny or withdraw accreditations to any request that doesn’t meet all requirements.
At any time, the RSCE-Madrid WDS2020 Organization may revoke accreditation if it’s improperly used or if the accredited conduct is not consistent with the best interest of the show and the RSCE, from not real pro-journalists or those who abuse the privileges granted by the Press Accreditation.
The Press Pass is personal and non-transferable. Any Pass found in possession of someone other than the holder may be withdrawn and revoked.





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